Novell has recently released enterprise level file sharing software that should make commercial cloud storage services easier to use. It's called Flir. Closest competitors in the market are such as Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, and Google Drive.

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Worldwide P2P crypto markets achieved all-time record figures in December


The worldwide peer-to-peer bitcoin (blockchain technology) markets managed to achieve the biggest trading volume in 2017 December. This should be a reaction to massive price fluctuation. Many investors may be pulling out profits due to bitcoin’s price in markets was hitting the $20,000 USD range. Last week of December managed to handle over $130 million USD worth of bitcoin exchange volume. This was by far the highest volume so far related with bitcoins P2P markets.

Countries worth mentioning for trading bitcoins for the national currencies volumes in December: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia. In conclusion can tell that in almost all bitcoin exchange markets the trading volume at least doubled the records in last two weeks of December.

Bitcoin price in P2P markets tend to fluctuate much even in one 24 hours. The blockchain have potential to become a daily and ordinary technology in a near future. Blockchain transactions is virtually fast and cheap compared to international wire transactions which makes this technology to grow and spread worldwide very fast.