The worldwide peer-to-peer bitcoin (blockchain technology) markets managed to achieve the biggest trading volume in 2017 December. This should be a reaction to massive price fluctuation. Many investors may be pulling out profits due to bitcoin’s price in markets was hitting the $20,000 USD range. Last week of December managed to handle over $130 million USD worth of bitcoin exchange volume. This was by far the highest volume so far related with bitcoins P2P markets.

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Napster FM is open sourced music streaming web service platform


Napster FM web app is now open sourced. It allows you stream music from your music library wherever you go, whenever you want. Couldn’t be better. Napster is aimed to be super simple music sharing tool and in the same time it’s very powerful and modern streaming web service.

This open source music streaming and sharing service lets you search for songs, create own music playlists, share them with friends. It is cross-browser and have really simple, intuitive interface. Thanks to playlists and your music library you can share all the stuff with community. Discovery section lets you see what the others are listening to. Live chat function is working too.

For now it only supports high resolution screens. That means it’s not mobile friendly. But who knows, maybe few months later it will be upgraded, because it’s still in Beta version.

So for now you can download open source project and host it at your own server.