Napster FM web app is now open sourced. It allows you stream music from your music library wherever you go, whenever you want. Couldn’t be better. Napster is aimed to be super simple music sharing tool and in the same time it’s very powerful and modern streaming web service.

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New cloud storage service called "MEGA" with 50 GB space for free


Globally accessible, long awaited cloud storage service is now up for testing in Beta. It's called "MEGA" (MEGA Encrypted Global Access). All registered users get 50 GB of free cloud storage. You can register at

All data is encrypted with end-to-end technology, uses secure https protocol for all file transfers.

If 50 GB is not enough for your needs. You can upgrade to one of the three Pro plans. Most what you can get is 4 TB of cloud storage for 29.99 euro/month.